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Immunity Titers at The Mediluxe Spa, Leesburg

Immunity Titers

An antibody titer is a lab test that measures how many antibodies are in a blood sample. The level of antibodies helps determine your immunity level. If you are unsure whether you had a certain vaccine or have immunity to a certain antigen, or you have misplaced or cannot access your vaccination records, titers will provide the information that you need.
The Mediluxe Spa, Leesburg - Travel Health

Travel Health

We provide malarial prophylaxis (prevention) to those traveling to high malarial risk countries. We also provide oral typhoid vaccine to those traveling to high typhoid risk areas. Oral typhoid should be completed at least 1 week prior to travel. Per CDC guidelines, a booster vaccine is needed every 5 years for those that remain at risk.
We also offer motion sickness prophylaxis treatment to those that are prone. Do you have a cruise coming up or tend to get sick on an airplane?
Tb Screening/Skin Testing at The Mediluxe Spa, Leesburg

Tb Screening/Skin Testing

Testing is often required for teachers, child-care workers, and health care professionals for employment. We offer both placement and reading. Once, your test is placed, you will need to return for the reading in 48-72 hours.
The Mediluxe Spa, Leesburg - One-time Medication Refill

One-time Medication Refill

Potential barriers to healthcare should not compromise medication adherence. Maintaining your prescribed medication regimen is important for your health and overall wellness. If you are unable to get in to see your doctor before your medication runs out, traveling and left medication at home, or new to the area, we can provide a one-time medication renewal.

Not available for all medications, NO anti-anxiety meds, NO Barbiturates, NO ADHD meds, NO other controlled substances. Please bring your prescription bottle with you or print out from the pharmacy that last filled your prescription.