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  • Wellness at The Mediluxe Spa, Leesburg

Health + Wellness Redefined

Boost your immunity, improve vitamin levels, manage weight loss, and increase your energy with a host of wellness treatments at Mediluxe. Our medi spa offers therapies designed to create a healthier you, including IV drips, vitamin booster injections, weight management services.
Book your next appointment now and set out on a path to improve your daily health and wellness at our medical spa in the heart of Leesburg, VA.
IV Drips Treatments at The Mediluxe Spa, Leesburg

IV Drips

Take advantage of IV treatments that can help replenish lost nutrients, fight illness, boost the immune system, increase energy, and aid in weight loss.

The Mediluxe Spa, Leesburg - Vitamin Boosters

Vitamin Boosters

Improve health and wellness with vitamin boosters that promote your body’s natural immunity, increase energy, enhance vitamin D levels, and detoxify the body.

Weight Management at The Mediluxe Spa, Leesburg

Weight Management

Let our team of professionally trained health and wellness experts tailor a weight loss and management plan that fits your lifestyle with unique therapies.

The Mediluxe Spa, Leesburg - Other Services

Other Services

Mediluxe provides a host of additional wellness services that our clients may need, from immunity titers to travel health.